Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's finally here! My automated center rotations wheel!

It's finally here! My center rotation wheel! And the best part - IT'S FREE!!!!

I hope you enjoy this little management tool. It has truly been a lifesaver for me!!

 Center Rotation Wheel

Click on the wheel to grab it from my store for free!! It has been such a lifesaver for me during centers! I hope it is as helpful for you too! 

Unfortunately, I currently cannot make any modifications to the wheel.

The wheel is set up to completely keep your centers on track all you have to do is press play! You must first assign your students to one of the 6 color groups. I don’t group students based on abilities and/or levels. My center groups are heterogeneous. I evenly distribute the high, med, and low students in each group. I have found this method to be successful because students are able to get help from their peers within the groups versus the entire group struggling. When I pull my guided groups, the students I’m pulling are all spread out among the different centers. This is why I’m not listed on the wheel as a rotation. To add your students name into the wheel simply click in the text box and replace the “Enter students names here” with your students’ names. If you change your students’ groups a lot, you may want to consider creating a poster with the names of students in each group and delete the text box from the wheel. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Centers Management Tool

Friends I know I promised that I would be uploading my amazing...fantastic...automated centers rotation tool over the weekend. {did I mention how awesome it is!?!?!} However, my computer is not working with me tonight. Until then...please enjoy this little sneak peek {I mean teaser}.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Back from my hiatus...

I'm for real this time. I've taken a long {really, really long} break. It has been exactly 3 years and 1 month since I've blogged. Oh how I've missed it! I miss sharing ideas...collaborating....and honestly my friends that I've made through blogging. Life has been crazy to say the least, but I'm back! So lets get to it....

My last blog post in 2012 was a teaser for a project I had been working on...which I never posted about {oops!} I created a tool that kept me sane through centers. I hate managing centers! Truly hate it! Well this tool has been helping me the past few years. Don't you wish you had something that would tell your students which center they went to and when to switch...something that kept everyone on task. I know I did! I created it because I searched the web high and low for something that met my needs and I couldn't find anything. So of course I created it! That was 3 years and 1 month ago. Funny thing is... I was searching Pinterest {this is where I've been the past 3 years BTW} the other day when I can across a pin of a tool similar to my idea. I couldn't believe it!! Someone, somewhere had my same idea. HOW WILD IS THAT?!?!?

So in the spirit of being back to blogging, I'm going to share {for FREE} my amazing centers tool. {Hopefully you find it as amazing as I do!} It's such a simple idea - but it saves me everyday during centers. I will be posting my automated centers wheel in my store this weekend. {I have a few tweaks before I upload it} In the meantime...I'll see you soon!