Monday, January 2, 2012

Livebinders - A great tool to stay organized!

Livebinders - have you heard of them? have you used them? I love them...I really love them. So what are they...well it's kind of like having a digital binder that can hold websites by different topics/subjects - similar to social bookmarking, but way cooler! And the best part- it's FREE!! Here are some ways I have already found myself using them.

  • Share resources (teammates) - I am constantly finding cool sites for our upcoming concepts to teach. I used to always email individual links to my team to share. Now I just create a live binder and share that with them instead. It also keeps the sites together for us to revisit in the searching through old emails or my bookmarks.
  • Research Projects (students) - Live binders allows me to put a group of sites in one place that I want my students to access for research projects. This has been such a wonderful way to use this site. It allows the students to see a picture of the site without having to click on a bunch of different links. It also allows me to monitor the sites where they get their information.
  • Bookmark sites (students) - This is a great way to organize your bookmarked sites for students by topic. For example math games, reading games, etc. It also is great for younger kids - they can see a picture of the site before they click on it.
  • Organize your resources - Don't you hate having to go search through your bookmarks...having to click on each link because you can't remember what you filed it under or the keywords you used. Livebinders show you the picture of each page - its as simple as clicking through the tabs. You can also separate your links into individual binders!!
  • Find resources - This is a great way to find tons of resources on specific topics. You can use the search option and find other binders that people have put together. And the great can copy the entire binder instead of creating a new one.

...and there are tons of other ways to use them! Here is a great livebinder with tutorials and ways you can use them!

Here are some cool livebinders I've come across:
Top 10 web tools for 2011-2012
Online read alouds
3rd Grade
Common Core - Across the states
Science/Math Notebook resources


  1. I had never heard of live binders before! This is a great tool to have for a computer station or for students to use at home. Heck...for myself. I can't wait to get started on making one ;)

  2. This is totally new to me. I'm a new third grade blogger and I love what your blog is introducing me to. And who doesn't LOVE cupcake themes?? Uber cute!


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