Sunday, October 7, 2012

Finally swimming above water....

Really....have I not posted since summer? I can't believe I have once again neglected my blog! I have good reason though! This year I decided to test out being superwoman...guess what...I'm not! I thought since I finally finished grad school, I could take on everything. Ha! Ha! Ha!   WHAT WAS I THINKING! So on top of my regular day job of teaching {and we all know that it's a piece of cake since I get out at 2:45 on the dot everyday!} - I decided to be PTA membership VP, ERTC {technology contact/support for our campus}, head up the computer lab, roll out our iPad check out system,  serve on: technology campus committee, parent involvement committee, and GT committee....oh and be a part in the Leadership PLC for our campus! Not even considering that I have 2 kids that both decided to do activities this year that consume every single day of the week, including weekends!{soccer, volleyball, flute lessons, Hispanic culture club, choir, soccer...and some more SOCCER} Sooooooo.....this is why I've been so backed up in posting!

But I think I've finally found a balance and schedule I can deal with and I'm BACK! And I'm coming back BIG! I created something that I have even blown myself away with...I know could I brag any more....but it has seriously changed my life. I'm not ready to reveal it just yet, but let me just say it has changed reading centers for me  for-ev-er {can you hear this in the sandlot voice like I do?} I have done a dry run of it already, but I want to make sure it is PERFECT before I share it with you! So come back and see me soon! It may just change your life too! ;) And I may even give a few away!


Thriving Third Graders!

Glad to see you back...we should make a pact to support one another in blog postings (do you think it is a 3rd grade teacher thing? LOL) Anyway, I can't wait to see your goodies!


It's hard keeping up with everything!! If you ever figure out how to do it, make sure you share your secret;)

Miss T

Now you've got me intrigued! Good to see you back :)

Journey of a Substitute Teacher
Endless Pinabilities!


Can't wait to see what you have!

Teaching With Hope

SO happy you are back!!!! I wanna no... you have me in suspense... I must hear this secret of yours!!

Glad you are swimming again.

Have a wonderful week!


I’m really like it! Very, very dgdeeac good!

Tab Purvis

Stumbled across your blog today. I decided to start a blog this year and can COMPLETELY relate! It is hard to keep it up! Can't wait to read about your third grade class (mine's third grade too). Stop by some time!

Jessica Myers

I have a blog going and i would appreciate it if you could add it to your list.

Thank You!

Jessica Myers

The Hollywood Gossip

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I am a doctoral student working on figuring out what to do my dissertation on. I used to teach first and third grade. I was wondering if you had any ideas for a topic I could study pertaining to the use of mentor and touchstone texts in the elementary classroom? Thanks for any ideas you may have. Elizabeth

Third in Hollywood

Hey there.. I see it's been a while since you've posted. Don't feel bad… I haven't kept mine up either. However, I just got nominated for the sunshine blogger award and that got me working on my blog again! So here's a award for you- The sunshine blogger award! Maybe it'll inspire you to blog! Check out my blog to see what you do next! : )


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Leslie atKindergartenWorks

Welcome back ;)

Delores Hope

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