Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Campus Innovation Coach - Wild Dream for my classroom!

Last year I was chosen as my Campus Innovation Coach. I'm excited about this new role and sharing my passion of technology. We were asked to share our wildest dream for our campus. My dream has been in the work for the past few years already. I want my campus to be a computer science campus. #CSforall I believe that it is important for my students {and all students} to have access to learn these skills. Last year our campus had 50% participation during Hour of Code! This was a huge leap from the previous year. I've also found a few like minded teachers who also believe we should be coding in the classroom. This year I'm excited to officially form the #BlueJaycoders. It is my dream, that our passion and excitement will rub off on fellow teachers and expand our Blue Jay Coders group. I'm also excited to continue using code.org lessons, as well as Google CS First in my classroom this year.


  1. How is the BluejayCoders program going?

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