Sunday, June 17, 2012

Help these kids....

I've blogged about these boys before, but I continue to be blown away at what they have accomplished! In one short year through their community service projects, they have impacted over 16,000 people and have given 642 hours of their time. And the most amazing part.....their HIGH SCHOOLERS and there are only 8 of them!! I have worked  right alongside these boys and you will not find a more compassionate, caring, giving and hard working group of boys.

They need our help! No, put away your wallets they aren't asking for $$$ {although I'm sure you could visit their site and donate if you'd like}  

They just need your VOTE!
They are trying to receive a 5,000 award that will allow them to continue their great deeds, as well as expand their group to other high schoolers.  It is a super simple task that would be extremely helpful. 

Want to help more? Blog about these guys - tweet - or just email your friends! I believe in the power of social media & I know with your help we can spread the word and help these wonderful young men out! 

Do you believe in what their doing? Show them the LOVE - like their facebook page and keep up to date with the projects they have going on.

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