Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Classroom Management

In my classroom - I have 3 reward systems in place. My students can earn rewards individually, as a team, or as a class. All 3 were very effective for me!

Individual Rewards:

I use tickets in my class. I just get a roll of them for around 4$ at Walmart {I only had to buy 2 rolls all year long} The students would get a ticket for anything from on task behavior to answering questions and participating{I know reward systems should only focus on behavior, but this worked for me} When students received a ticket they would write their name on the back and drop it in my little bucket. I would pass out tickets all week long. On Fridays, I would draw one name out and that person went to my treasure box. {At the end of the week I threw all of the tickets in the recycle bin and started over on Monday} I was honestly amazed at how hard students would work for the tickets, especially knowing only 1 person would win each week {it's the same concept of why we go crazy bidding on ebay - WE WANT TO WIN!!}. I would carry tickets in my pocket everywhere we went - it worked especially well in the hallways. About midway through the year, I heard of another teacher taking this system one step further. She would pull a name every so often during the day. If the person was off task she would say, "Oh this person isn't ready to get their name pulled, let me try again." She wouldn't share the name and would just put it back into the bucket. If the person was on task - that child got to pick from a list of privileges {take your shoes off, switch seats, extra computer time, etc} then their ticket went back into the bucket for the drawing on Friday. This worked so well in my class, if everyone was off task it was a quick and easy way to get everyone to refocus {it also gave us a break to redirect ourselves} I recently placed an order at vistaprint and ordered these cards with the choices listed for them {this way I don't have to stop my lesson to ask the kids what they want - and I don't forget to give them their rewards} This system worked so well that I plan to use it next year {it also saved me on prizes - only 1 a week}! Oh and on those weeks when behavior is just naturally off {like the week before winter break} I'd have a grand prize week where I would just give a bigger prize than normal. It made those weeks so much easier!

Team Rewards:
My class is setup with the desks in groups of 4 or 5 {for coop learning}. Each group of desks is a team. I had a part of my whiteboard sectioned off for team points. I had all of the teams listed {by color but next year I'll let teams create mascots}. They would earn points for being on task, being prepared, and participating. I would just write tallies for their points. At the end of the week the team would choose a reward {they came up with their own but I could always veto it} Most would choose lunch in the classroom, no homework pass or treasure box. Not only did this work great to get the class on task quickly but it really reinforced working as a team! I would have students help other kids get ready {help them find their spiral} and would even give them reminders to be on task. I don't like to take rewards away once they are earned - however I did remove table points for teams who were off task. This too worked really well - I will continue it
next year.

Class Reward:

I learned this system from my cooperating teacher while I student taught {I just tweaked it a bit}. I had a hundreds pocket chart. The numbers are all flipped to the back. When the students earns the number they flip it around on the chart. When we get 10 in a row {horizontal/vertical} we earn a class reward {party!!}. The students earn numbers for being on task as a class or getting compliments in the hallway/specials/lunch {5 numbers if the compliment is from an administrator}. I tally the numbers and when we have a free moment I give them their numbers. I have a baggie with a hundreds chart cut up #1-100. I call students {by pulling sticks} to pull out a number from the bag without looking. Then the student flips their number over. I have a separate bag that all of the used numbers go in so I can reuse for next time. On the first day of school all of the numbers are flipped to the back. During the first week of school I introduce the system to my students and let them pick any 10 numbers {can't be in the same row horizontal/vertical}. This way the understand how the system works as well as give them motivation to work hard. The students really love this system {another lottery type thing - they go crazy when they earn numbers}. The don't realize it could take months and months to fill up a row even though they earn numbers daily. We hit 10 in a row - two times last year. My class chose to have a hot chocolate party and then to have popcorn and a movie. I love this system! It's so easy to maintain and it takes up very little space {and reinforces math skills}!

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  1. I also do the group points for my class! They earn points throughout the week and then the winning table earns an extra five cents to shop with on Friday!

    Since second graders really learn money values and how to use money, my kids earn money throughout the week to shop with each Friday! :)

  2. I have done both the individual "hot" tickets for a weekly prize, and the team points. I have in the past used tally marks as well. I saw an idea on another blog (sorry, don't remember which blog) to use coins rather than tally marks which is another way to teach money! I might try that this year. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your class reward idea. I would LOVE to try that as well. THANKS for sharing. Great post!

  3. The ticket idea works really well for me too! When they are getting a little rowdy all I have to do is grab my bag of tickets and viola, they are back on task!

    I love your blog! Come on over and visit mine...it's bran spankin' new!

    Mrs. Sphon's Adventures in 4th Grade

  4. found the money idea source: http://theteacherwife.blogspot.com/2011/02/money-management.html

  5. Thank you! I love to hear about new ways to jazz things up - I will go check it out! Mrs. Sphon...on my way to check out your blog! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I love your whole class system!!

  7. I used the tickets with my class also. But the only difference is, that when I pulled them. I told the students that there was a chance for me to pull more than 1 ticket if everyone was packet up, and ready for dismissal. Of course, they never knew what day that may happen. If they weren't on task, they didn't win and I moved on!

  8. I there! I am new follower! Your blog has some awesome ideas! I use the tickets and LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I made a spinner with numbers 1-3 on it (for how many tickets get pulled from the bucket) and we do it on Friday! It works great!



  9. Hi, I am new to the teacher blogger world, and just came across your blog, because of the blog Third Grade in the First State. So glad I found it! I love these ideas!! I do a team contest with my class a couple of times a year. It is such a big hit! My big one is March Madness, which I am hoping to blog about later. I LOVE the ticket idea!!! How convenient because you can always have them with you which is great! I teach in a small school and only have 2 students for part of the day this year, I am not used to that so I have been trying to think of things for them, and this idea will definitely work even for only 2 kids! Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to checking out more of your posts! :)


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  11. Hi there! I stumbled across this on Pinterest and love the idea - your site is now bookmarked :)

    What are some examples of the "grand prize" rewards you dole out? I really like this idea too!

  12. Anonymous7/25/2012

    I don't think I completely understand the hundreds chart reward system. Can you explain it again? Do they pull out random numbers and place them on the chart? Is it like bingo? If they get a admin complement, they pull out 5 random numbers and place them on the chart? I like the idea and want to do it right!! :o)

  13. stacey8/07/2012

    I don't completely understand the hundreds reward system What do they do with the numbers they receive? It's confusing whenever you begin explaining pulling the numbers out of the baggie. That's where I got confused. i would like to try it. Can you please explain again.

  14. Anonymous12/30/2012

    Do you think this would work with high schoolers?

  15. Anonymous2/24/2013

    I'm curious too about the hundreds chart. It sounds cool,but I don't understand the last part?

  16. I just wrote http://eslcarissa.blogspot.com/2013/04/10-classroom-management-techniques.html has some techniques for getting students to settle down. I LOVE the "Oh this person isn't ready to get their name pulled, let me try again." addition!

  17. My question is for AFTER they win a prize with the hundreds chart. DO you flip over all the numbers and start again? or do you just keep going? Thanks! I use this in my room and am looking for ideas!

  18. Love these ideas! I am about to start the ticket raffle idea myself. What do you call your tickets for the raffle? I have been trying to think of something creative.

  19. Anonymous6/17/2016

    Great ideas! Do you think that the classroom reward with the 100 chart would be too complicated for year 1/first graders?

  20. Fabulous and such creative ideas! Kudos and thanks for sharing:). These will tremendously help in the classroom!!!!!!!!