Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Finds

School supplies are just beginning to show up on the shelves...but I've already found some pretty amazing finds! Here is my top 5 list of items that I have found so far this summer:

# 5 I found these adorable hanging pockets from IKEA. I was thinking of using them to store sticky notes, notepads, nurse passes, etc next to my desk. I got both the blue/green and red/orange sets.

#4 I couldn't leave my target 1$ spot finds off of my list. I went to eat lunch with my hubby last week and decided to stop at the Target by his work. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had their teacher stuff out early. I picked up some bookmarks, stickers, pocket charts, stamps, and some caddies to hold students supplies.
Target Dollar Spot

#3 I love baskets and pretty much anything that has to do with organizing. A few years ago I found these amazing, brightly colored baskets to hold all of my books in my library. A few of them have cracked....well I found these cute, colored baskets at Hobby Lobby. I also found matching magazine holders so that I can now display the kid's magazines I've been collecting all summer. I also love that they have holes so I can attach my library labels to them!
Library Baskets

#2 I found this awesome colored rolling cart that can be found at Really Good Stuff normally 80$...but I found mine at Goodwill for only 15$!!!! I found it tucked away at the back of the store. After I found it I had several people following me to see if I would put it down. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for just yet - but I have wanted one for a really long time!

And......drum roll please........

My number #1
I was searching for misc things on craigslist. I came across the most amazing post! A teacher was leaving 3rd grade and moving on to teach middle school. I got these great center activities for reading comprehension and vocabulary from Lakeshore Learning. I also picked up a respond to reading center. All of these items total almost $400.....but I picked it all up for $55. What an amazing find! The activities are great to reinforce reading concepts!
Lakeshore Centers

Do you have any amazing summer finds? Head over to Ladybug Teacher Files and share your stash!


  1. ohhhh! I'm sooo jealous of your center finds!! I've never really thought to look on Craig's list for teacher stuff. What did you look under?? You must have been geeked!
    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  2. Oh my goodness Julie...you have no idea! I was supposed to meet the lady at 11 and I was so excited that I showed up at 10 ;) I normally use the search words: teach, teaching, teacher, educational, school, etc. However this time I was just browsing the book section. Lucky for me the ad didn't have any "teaching" words in it!

  3. I have the same hanging pockets from Ikea! I love them!! I am incredibly jealous of your find in Goodwill! I can never seem to find anything there. I will have to check out Target, I am in desperate need of pocket charts and they are SO expensive!!

  4. I still can't believe my luck with the Goodwill find!! I don't go their religiously but I pop in every so often just to see what they have. I like to pick up books and board games from there!

  5. AMAZING FINDS!! And I love the blog, great job!! :)

    Mrs. Bee
    Bee's KinderGarden

  6. Wow! What great finds!! I also, love your blog - very cute! :)

    - Elizabeth

  7. I love it when I find another 3rd grade blog or in your case, they find me!! :)


    Third Grade Bookworm

  8. That is the best Goodwill find EVER! I would have followed you around too! ;)

  9. I have been looking for book bins JUST like those!! Are they available online at Hobby Lobby??

    Thanks :)

    A Chocoholic Teacher