Thursday, July 14, 2011

Teacher Pointers {Make your own}...Easy as pie

Once upon a time...I was going to be teaching 1st grade. However I was moved to 3rd instead. {and I couldn't be happier!} I had already purchased so many things for my classroom..and it seems I forgot about a few. I have been reorganizing my office/craft/teacher workspace. I was so amazed at all of the little treasures I found. One was supplies that I had bought to make my own teacher pointers. I decided to get my creative juices flowing and make them {and I thought you might like to know how to do it too!}

What you need:
*Glue Gun
*Wood Paints in coordinating colors {these are so cheap - I got mine for .60}
*Wooden Dowels {I found mine at Walmart for less than 2$ for 16 of them}
*Cute Wood shapes {These are already prepainted! Look on the wood aisle at your craft store - super cheap around .50 each}
**Ribbon if you'd like to add a little something!

Super, super simple....
1. Paint the dowels
2. Put a glob of hot glue on the back of wooden shapes
3. Attach the stick to the back

How is easy is that?!?!? {Easy as pie...right}

You can add a little bow for a nice little touch.

Since I don't really use pointers in my classroom - I'm going to give these as a gift to a really good friend {who happened to be my cooperating teacher when I was student teaching}. I am going to make a few more and put them in this cute bucket I picked up at Hobby Lobby!!

I hope you have as much fun as I did making these!


  1. Wow how freakin' cute is this idea?!?! I am always looking for more fabulous ideas to do in my 2nd grade classroom. I have used pointers for lots of things but they aren't as cute as yours!!!! I have to make some of these! :)

  2. Thank you Ashley...they are so much fun to make and super easy! And the selection of wooden shapes are amazing! You could also get the mini shapes and mini dowels to use for independent work.

  3. What an adorable idea! I love it. :)

    - Elizabeth

  4. Thank you Elizabeth!

  5. These are soooo cute!! I just don't know if I could paint as cute as you did:) Great idea! I'm a follower:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  6. Thank you so much Tara!! I only painted the dowels! ;) You buy the shapes already painted {they have tons to choose from}. Do you use pointers in your classroom? I just haven't come across a time I can in my classroom {3rd grade} but I'm always welcome to new ideas!
    The Sweet Life of Third Grade

  7. I love these. I have wanted to make some for awhile. I love the ribbon.

    Little Treasures

  8. Mrs. E, thanks for the post......I have also made them using felt and the die cut machine at school.....quick question, once you put them in the container, what will you use to make the container stay up-my containers always fall over....urgh! I even tried putting the stuff you can make fossils from and then sticking holes in the mix in the bottom of the container, but that didn't work either-I would love to get your idea! Thanks!

  9. Hi Kelly -
    Oooohhh felt would be cool too! Hmmm I haven't had a problem with my bucket staying upright. I made them with only 10 pointers and it is staying up, but my bucket is tall so the tops aren't hanging out too much. I can't imagine what you could use if plaster isn't even working! Good luck though!

  10. What a fabulous idea! For guided reading (in 1st) I took large craft sticks and attached cute seasonal stickers from the scrapbook aisle. I kept them in a container for independent reading and switched them out every so often. The kids loved them and it kept them engaged. Super easy!


  11. Anonymous11/21/2011

    I have a bucket of pointers in my classroom and I have the bucket about halfway filled with the smooth glass beads that you can get at Walmart in the floral section. Holds the pointers in place and keeps the bucket from tipping.